Impact Meter
The idea for this app concept came from wanting to create a solution to a generational problem in order to make a real-life, measurable and positive impact.
UI/UX Design
Project Type
App to be launched
Adobe After Effects
November 2020 - February 2021
Designing for behavioural change
To visualise behaviour, educate on the impact of everyday decisions and support users in making lasting, long-term changes to their behaviour makes up the three pillars of the Impact Meter app concept.
Three pillars
The three pillars of the app concept translated to three main sections of the app: Track, budget and impact - users start tracking their activities, see the visualisation of their behaviour and set their own goals to drive change.
The choice for the visual design was to go for something light and close to iOS principles to optimise the implementation time and enable native features such as dark mode.
As of March 2021, this personal project is in development. I'm very excited to see this come alive and will share and update this page as we make progress on the application.
Is this what the end looks like? Yes, yes it does.
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